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Ali Habashi

Author Bio


Ali Habashi graduated from the University of St. Andrews, Scotland with a degree in English and Management, and currently works in Boston. When not at work she can usually be found drinking coffee and stressing about a self-inflicted creative project involving monsters or witches. Her short stories have been featured on The NoSleep Podcast, in the Flame Tree Anthology Footsteps in the Dark, and she is the winner of the Creature Feature category for The Asterisk Anthology Vol II.





Season 13, Episode 25

​"Don't Choose the Goat"

Screen Shot 2019-08-26 at 4.46.12 PM.png


Volume 28, Episode 1

​"Wanted: Tour Guide"

New Releases

Dark Cheer: Cryptids Emerging Volume Silver


Here be stories of South African grootslang and bayou grundylow, tales of elementals, jackalopes, and flying motels. Within you'll find tiny leviathans and rock whales, cambion and kelpie, a girl between time, and a man who saves a gun's life. These are stories of cryptids who sing or swim or save us, living side-by-side so often unseen…and then seen.

So very much seen. If we look.

Dark Cheer Cryptid Silver front.jpeg

Decades of San Cicaro


There are holes in San Cicaro's history. Events too strange and inexplicable even for a city with such a supernatural, bohemian reputation to remember. These are the gaps intrepid reporter Olivia Murphy has been tasked to fill, toiling beneath the city's library, seeking documents almost lost. Just how will these events divine the end of San Cicaro itself?

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