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Ali Habashi graduated from the University of St. Andrews, Scotland with a degree in English and Management, and currently works in Boston at an academic publisher. When not at work she can usually be found drinking coffee and stressing about a self-inflicted creative project involving monsters or witches. Her short stories have been featured on The NoSleep Podcast, in the Transmundane Press Anthology Transcendence, and she is the winner of the Creature Feature category for The Asterisk Anthology Vol II.

At the Aquarium

The San Cicaro Experience


On the coast of California lies the city of San Cicaro. Once a golden mecca of trade and a shining jewel of the medical and technology sectors, the past decade has borne witness to misfortunes, surreal occurrences and more than its fair share of tragedy. The scales of reality as we understand it have been flipped over. 

The NoSleep Podcast

Season 13, Episode 23

​"Don't Choose the Goat"

(Story starts around 01:35:00)

Upcoming Publications

Footsteps in the Dark - "The Blackdamp"


Dedicated to that ominous strain of horror that sends a shiver down your spine, this selection of masterful tales gathers the weird and wonderful from a rich tradition of genre writing. The sound of a sinister tread in an apparently abandoned house; mysterious crimes committed in the dead of night; a glimpse of a monstrous apparition through the murky gloom: all find their home here.

Coming in 2020


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